When I close my eyes, I dream of the stars
But when I’m by your side, I can reach them
And if they are but the lights of a car
Only for you would I pull down that gem

You teach me to see the bows in the rain
And to go dance through the torrent of tears
Even if I may slip on the terrain
From your lips still will your words quell my fears

Perhaps soon our fingers will intertwine
But for now I will simply be content
Residing in your heart, and you in mine
As we await for the foretold advent

Even if I know nothing about you
Still I love you, and nothing is more true



As I stand in front of the grandest doors
With nothing but a coin in my pocket
And the remains of a soul that I store
I enter with my cowardly courage

Blinding lights reflect off of sequin coats
Smoke mixed with cheap perfumes cloud my wisdom
And, as the alcohol runs down my throat
On the board is where I place my last crumb

I thought I saw the future in those cards
I thought that the dice roll was my heartbeat
I thought that the dealer was a blessed bard
I thought I could sit in the devil’s seat

Those gambling chips have become my hit
The scent of cash a high blessed by the gods
And yet when I stop, I know I should quit
Yet I still ask myself, “What are the odds?”

All in vain, I try again: once, twice, thrice
This is a gamble; now I roll the dice