Plip, plop; the sky must be crying
Lip trembling in an attempt to stay bright
Whip up those clouds to be radiant and airy
Slip and you ruin everyone else’s delight

Rain pouring from the blacken firmament above
“Restrain your selfish sorrows,” chants the sky
Pain never goes unnoticed by the mother below her
Terrain mutters to the heavens, “Sometimes it’s okay to cry.”

Remorseful Determination

Youth is but the invisible hand of a desperate lover
Desperately attempting to grasp our hand in intertwine our fingers together
Bitterly smiling as the ghost of their hand wisps through yours
Distant eyes gazing into a world where this love could be true
Persisting against the ever flowing river of time, they reach for your hand
Affirming the wretched reality by vainly reaching out again and again
Corporeal Romeo and his ethereal Juliet
Torn seams ripping the fabric of reality
Which cloaked their bared back from the frigid bite of winter
Watching from a distance, prowling closer in the cover of shadows
The blade of crescent moons glinting ominously under the stars
Exchanging the misty hand of Time with his own skeletal one
Directing him elsewhere down the winding staircases that lead to his domain
Efficiently, despite the slight twinge of remorse echoing in his hollow chest
For perplexing Mortality had no heart, yet it had a mind
And Time’s trembling knees fell to the ground, unable to move

Hello! I just wanted to mention something about this poem. Although this may seem like a free verse poem, it is in fact a structured poem.  If you take the first letter in the first line, the second letter in the second line, the third letter in the third line, and so on, it will spell out a secret line. When counting, do not include anything other than the letters, i.e. spaces and apostrophes. Thank you so much for reading my writing. It really means everything to me, more than I can put into words, and I’m a writer. If you have any comments or critiques, please do not hesitate to leave them!

The Man Reflected in Your Tears

Who is that man reflected in your tears,
And why is he walking away?
Pale knuckles clutching the suitcase trailing behind him
Packed tight with clothes
And no room left for anything to do with you
Wheels marking the path he has chosen
The one that leads away from you

Who is that man reflected in your tears,
And why is he with another woman?
Long, black hair and long, black lashes
With a long, black dress and a long, red tail
Horns peeking from the sides of her head
A demon seductress in human flesh
Stealing your heart which you had given to him
Destroying one for the price of two

Who is that man reflected in your tears,
And why does he not look back?
Had the intimate bond you shared vanished
In that puff of smoke from the mistress’ cigarette?
When he flicked his lighter,
And the passionate flames of your love
Was used to light their lust
Was that scrapbook of memories
Casted into the inferno as well?

Who is that man reflected in your tears,
And why did you hand him your heart?
Who is that man reflected in your tears,
And why is he walking away?